Globotrack °GPS-M2M

Globotrack is a leading supplier of GPS telematics (tracking) and telemetrics devices and dispatch solutions that brings together an experienced team from both the wireless module industry and service operator. With us, the possibilities are endless!

Designed for personal and industrial applications, our hi-tech devices have proven themselves and today have set the benchmark for others to follow.

The bottom line: Globotrack will help you and your company run more profitably and efficiently.

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Tracking & Monitoring Solutions

Globotrack is the ultimate portfolio asset protection system and control solution that helps consumers take care of their most valuable collateral.

With real-time geo-localisation and machine-to-machine monitoring with up-to-date reports, your can improve asset, people, resource and vehicle management by reducing costs and remote control devices. Better scheduling and improved communications with all your goods can help you enhance service with faster and more accurate response times.

Versatile Applications

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